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The Brooklyn Sigmas

Generations of Impact

Our illustrious Founders envisioned an organization built by men of strong integrity and principles dedicated to service in the community. Since 1928, the Brooklyn Sigmas have been a pillar in the community  With a passion for Culture for Service and Service for humanity, we have brotherhood, scholarship and service as its core values, Phi Beta Sigma has become a training ground for world, business and community leaders. Our success is based on the depth of commitment, vision and confidence of our members.

We therefore seek men who will promote and extend the policies and programs of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Because membership in Phi Beta Sigma has its privileges, the Fraternity has developed a massive network through which individuals can grow and develop personally and professionally.



Our esteemed Founders envisioned a more perfect brotherhood devoted to the “inclusive we” rather than the “exclusive we”. Today, this ideal remains paramount. Our responsibility to one another transcends all other objectives.



Access to quality education should not be right not privilege. We remain committed to raising awareness and eliminating disparities by providing technical assistance and financial resources that further the educational opportunities for young people in our communities.



We love Brooklyn and it gives us no greater pleasure to be in service to her. In building stronger communities, we realize our full potential and positively improve our future. is determined by the help and support of others. There are just different ways that happens. And growing into our full potential is our ultimate goal as individuals.